Fall/Winter Curriculum and Classes


Lesson programs are tailored to student needs, with both youth and adult courses; from beginner through advanced. We strive to offer the most successful riding program in North Carolina. Our instructors come with years of riding and horse experience. Students learn in a professional and safe environment with access to top quality lesson horses.

Want to Learn More?

Are you a potential student or parent who would like to learn more about the Southern Pines Riding Academy? Due to the number of inquiries we receive each day, we have set up a monthly meet + greet informational session at the farm. This allotted time is available for you to meet staff, learn about our program, and tour the facility. These sessions are held the first Friday of each month at 4:00pm at our facility. Our address is 344 New Haven Place, Southern Pines, NC 28387.

All tuition due at the beginning of each month. Payable online.


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Required Dress Code

Policies + Procedures


Students seeking to enter the Southern Pines Riding Academy program, must take an evaluation lesson for program placement. To schedule an evaluation lesson, please select EL - Evaluation Lesson from the tuition blocks below. Once you have pre-paid for your lesson, we will contact you to schedule your evaluation.

*Not all riders require an evaluation lesson. Introductory students, and students who have already been receiving instruction under our care need not complete an evaluation lesson.


In observance of seasonal holidays, Southern Pines Riding Academy is closed on the following dates, you will notice during tuition payment, that tuition amounts reflect the lesser number of lessons for respective months.

  • November 21-23

  • December 24 -January 1



*Private Lesson Time Scheduled After Booking

Students seeking Intermediate or Advanced curriculum must take an EL - Evaluation Lesson to be placed into the appropriate program. Evaluation lessons are private, with scheduling done after booking. Pre-payment for an EL is required.

*Tuition cost includes transaction fee


Friday - 30 minute classes offered between 12-3:30pm

Curriculum: This class is for students with no horse experience, or very minimal horse experience. All beginning students start out on the longe line, and graduate to off-longe work. Beginning riders focus on safely mounting and dismounting, using basic direction to walk and trot, halt the horse. Beginning canter work as well as general safety and steering.

Classes are 30 minutes

*Tuition cost includes transaction fee


Tuesday 4:30-5:30p, (1x per week) Wednesday/Thursday - 4:30pm - 5:30pm (2x per week)

*4 student spaces available per class

Curriculum: Intermediate youth (ages 8-16) riders expand upon their beginning level completed curriculum, with work on the flat as well as lower level jumping exercises. An introduction to Dressage, as well as horse care and grooming are also included in Intermediate curriculum.

*Tuition cost includes transaction fee


Tuesday - 4:30-5:30p

*STUDENT SPACES ARE LIMITED; 4 student spaces per month

Curriculum: Intermediate adult riders expand upon their beginning level completed curriculum, with work on the flat as well as lower level jumping exercises. An introduction to Dressage, as well as horse care and grooming are also included in Intermediate curriculum.

*Intermediate Adult Course runs 1x per week during winter hours

*Tuition cost includes transaction fee


Friday - 3:30-4:30p, 4:30-5:30p

Curriculum: Students work with instructors to expand upon their existing riding knowledge and experience. With a focus on fine-tuning, higher level understanding of aids, further exploration of Dressage, Jumping, and an introduction to Cross Country/Eventing - Advanced students will gain the perspective to propel their skill-set to the next level.

*Tuition cost includes transaction fee


*Private Lessons are Scheduled with Instructor, 1x/week (sold as a package of four lessons)

Curriculum: Students work with instructors to expand upon their existing riding knowledge and experience in a one-on-one setting to provide maximum learning and advancement.

*Tuition cost includes transaction fee

Lessons must be used during the month of purchase

Students MUST sign up for lesson packages on or before the 1st of each month



Lessons and Scheduled Rides: Because our lesson programs follow a curriculum-based

approach, we tailor instruction to a quarterly schedule. Monthly fees are shown next to

each class description, and tuition is due at the beginning of each month.

Tuition Payments: We ONLY accept online payments. Please click here to be brought to

our secure payment portal.

Quarterly Show Schedule: Students wishing to participate in our quarterly shows must

sign up for a full quarter program, (3 months, beginning January-March, April-June, July-

Sept, Oct-December). Tuition is due at the beginning of each month.

Weather: We ride year-round, and students may experience lessons in hot, cold, rainy,

sometimes snowy, weather. Lessons will remain scheduled, unless SPRA staff announce

otherwise. Refer to our Facebook page here, for inclement weather lesson cancellation

notices. If it is too unpleasant to ride during a lesson, but still safe to travel to the farm -

instructors will teach indoor un-mounted lessons. These lessons include a wealth of great

information on grooming/tacking/riding position/etc.

We will not provide make-up lessons for any student choosing to skip a lesson

that otherwise remains scheduled.

Cancellations: As with any tuition-based program, your schedule and classes are

assigned at the beginning of each term. Classes may be rescheduled ONLY if an

instructor is out sick or with an emergency, or due to inclement weather (see weather

policy for additional information). Should you or your child experience an unforeseen

event, such as a move, medical emergency, etc. please contact the office.


 No running, yelling, or disruptive behavior while on farm property

 No bicycles, skateboards, scooters, or motorized equipment

 ALL CHILDREN (under the age of 16) must be under parental or guardian supervision AT ALL TIMES while on farm property. This includes friends/siblings/etc who attend a student lesson to watch/wait. We are not a babysitting/child care facility.

 NO feeding horses anything, (including snacks or treats, grass, etc.) unless authorized by instructor.

 PARKING is allowable in designated areas only

 PARENT/GUARDIAN viewing/observing lessons allowable ONLY outside arena/riding rings

 NO TRASH emptying from personal vehicles into SPRA trash bins or on property

 Please pick up after yourself in common areas and restrooms  ABSOLUTELY NO DOGS or pets of any kind allowed on property or left in vehicles

 Please be respectful of instructors and students while in lessons or tacking horses

 NO open toed shoes if interacting with horses or horse activity

 NO petting or touching horses unless authorized by instructor or property employee (many of our horses are young/green, privately owned and in training)

Dress Code

  • Having the appropriate clothing and equipment keeps students safe

    and able to focus on learning during their lesson. Before your first

    lesson, visit our partner tack-shop, Cabin Branch, in downtown

    Southern Pines, and get 10% off. For lightly used gear, visit Barn Door

    Consignments, in downtown Aberdeen, or A Bit Used located in Vass.

    Dover Saddlery is a major online source as well.

    Safety Gear:

    ● ASTM/SEI certified helmet

    ● Tall boots, or paddock boots and half chaps. Half chaps will prevent leg chafing and help

    the rider be more secure in the saddle. For smaller riders, 8 and under, elastic pant

    straps may take the place of half chaps.


    ● A fitted polo shirt or a mock neck zip collar, in either short or long sleeves. Shirt must be

    tucked into breeches with a belt. That way the instructor is able to clearly see the rider’s

    position and make the lesson more productive. Absolutely no T-shirts, sweatshirts or



    ● Riding breeches in tan, khaki, or a neutral color, clean and appropriately fitting. NO low

    rise that exposes skin or makes teaching ineffective (e.g. having to pull up constantly)

    For breeches with belt loops a belt must be worn and shirt tucked in.


    ● Riding gloves may be worn for extra grip

    ● Outerwear and winter attire. NO sweatshirts or hoodies. Sport specific attire such as

    North Face, Under Armour, Equestrian winter garments, are appropriate.

    ● NO scarves. May use a fitted neck warmer.

    ● Hair shall be neatly tucked and in a bun or ponytail, braid, away from face. Or using a


    ● Jewelry- NO hoop earrings or dangling earrings, NO long necklaces or chunky jewelry of

    any kind for safety.

    ● No chewing gum

    ● Riders in the advanced lesson program who wish to cross-country school are required to

    purchase a properly fitted protective vest